#02 (1987)

Published July 1987

Theme: Periodical

“Generally favorable reaction to the original Not One of Us has emboldened me to try to turn the publication into a periodical.”

  • New Year’s End, by Gary Biggs
  • Another Day (poem), by Malcolm Morris
  • I’ll See You in My Dreams, by Roberta Rogow
  • The Truth Will Out, by Jeannette Hopper
  • Dreamwalkers I (poem), by Lisa Lepovetsky
  • A Summer to Remember, by Warren Benson
  • Amy in the Night, by Colleen Drippé
  • The Other (poem), by Lawrence Harding
  • Tracer, by Anke Kriske
  • Bedtime Story, by Lisa Lepovetsky
  • Dance the Macabre and Dance It Well, by Chris Harold Stevenson
  • The Space Between (poem), by Jeffrey Bullock
  • It’s Too Late Now, by Dan Crawford
  • Strange Affliction, by Delia Shiflet
  • Ghoulmama’s Patter (poem), by D. M. Vosk
  • The Shadow, by Gary Genard
  • Black Blood, Black Tears, by D. Singleton-Richard
  • Death, My Dearest Love (poem), by Sue Marra
  • Artists: Douglas Klauba (cover), John Del Gaizo, Margaret Simon, Jeannette Hopper, D. Singleton-Richard