#28 (2002)

Published September 2002

Theme: Lost

“Welcome to our lost issue. Well, not exactly lost, since you seem to have found it. Oh, you know what I mean. We have a woman who has lost her lover to the razor, a man losing his lover to his demons, a boy feeling lonely as his sister becomes a mermaid, a girl with no face (although she never loses face), a man looking for his lost identity, and a woman who loses children to the sea.”

  • Mark Senkus, “Helping Old Bill” (poem)
  • Martha J. Allard, “Requited”
  • John Grey, “Self-Surgery” (poem)
  • M. Arnott, “Incorporated” (poem)
  • Beth A. Johnston, “For the Sea”
  • Paul Edwards, “Step Over”
  • Karen R. Porter, “The Noise of Words” (poem)
  • Barbara Rosen, “Prosthesis”
  • Nancy Bennett, “Death Had Me for Tea” (poem)
  • Dawn Stanton, “Waiting in Snake Alley”
  • Jamie Meyers, “bt green” (poem)
  • Karen R. Porter, “Ass-Backwards” (poem)
  • Sonya Taaffe, “Till Human Voices Wake Us”
  • Mark Senkus, “A Brief Moment of Pages” (poem)
  • Artists: Harry E. Fassl (cover), Marge Simon, Augie Wiedemann