#12 (1994)

Published August 1994

Theme: Abusive/Obsessive

“Judging from television and tabloid news these days, you’d think everyone in the country is either abusive or obsessive…. [We have] a young woman trapped by the elements and a dependent relationship; a self-destructive adolescent (or two); a man forced to confront the meaning of his brother’s criminal but saving act; a chair that does the dirty work; an unlikely pair of Solomons dividing the baby; a man whose abused past breaks down his adult defenses; and some people who just don’t want to let go.”

  • Nighlife (poem), by Karen Verba
  • Rags, Torn (poem), by Wayne Edwards
  • Snow Day, by Elizabeth Massie
  • Resuscitation (poem), by Michael Arnzen
  • Blind of Hand, by Wayne Edwards
  • Pretty (poem), by Holly Day
  • Maniaphobia, by William Laughlin
  • Rat Man (poem), by John Grey
  • Am, by David Logan
  • Dogging, by Geoff Jackson
  • Tank (poem), by Mary E. Spock
  • The Devil’s Chair, by Richard F. McGonegal
  • Babyellow, by Mary E. Spock and Adam Davis
  • Was That a Message or a Movement?, by D. F. Lewis
  • Here, Now (poem), by W. Gregory Stewart
  • Jericho Musk, by Tom Piccirilli
  • Broken (poem), by Jamie Meyers
  • Island in the Naknek (poem), by Wendell Metzger
  • Mary Redux, by Jamie Meyers
  • An Introduction to Literature(poem), by Errol Miller
  • Priest’s Ghost (poem), by Herb Kauderer
  • Artists: John Borkowski (cover), Marge Simon, Robert Baldwin and Cathy Buburuz, Margaret Ross