#61 (2019)

Published April 2019

Theme: Another World

“Everyone in this issue seems to end up in another world. We have one woman living in two realities, another transported to another planet where she is small but determined to survive, a man who accidentally designs a nightmare for all, and a reluctant leader who enforces a hard alternative to being consumed. And more…a choice between futile faith and futile science, a trip between two continents,  parts grown to replace parts, books as tombs, words as souls, and boys earning a copper while death is on his way.”


  • Chokecherry Lounge, by Linda Lea Wiley
  • The Three Mothers (poem), by Gemma Files
  • Waiting Room (poem), by Holly Day
  • Eight Affirmations for the Revolting Body, Confiscated from the Prisoners of Bunk 17, by Gordon B. White
  • The Corpse Boys (prose poem), by Christopher Collingwood
  • Taiga, by Lisa Mason
  • A Book Is a Tomb and Words Are Souls (poem), by Holly Lyn Walrath
  • Clone Cinquians (poem), by SP Mulroy
  • Nightmare Designer, by Brent Parkes
  • All’s Well (poem), by Neal Wilgus
  • Grow Me a Field of Lilies (poem), by Elisa Subin
  • From Lima to Beijing (poem), by Sonya Taaffe
  • Art: John Stanton