Animal Day (1991)

“…the main purpose of Animal Day is to use animals as a metaphor for a variety of concerns, both grave and humorous…. I was in turn put to mind of the Wall of Voodoo song ‘Animal Day,’ [from which] I took away the image of a world where humans and animals reverse roles.”

  • Tom Thumb, by Barbara Rosen
  • Catman-Do, by Jana Hakes
  • Green Ducks, by Uncle River
  • Hippopotamus: Haiku?, by Jamie Meyers
  • Manticore at Play (poem), by C. Darren Butler
  • The Snailephant (poem), by Keith Allen Daniels
  • Felines (poem), by John Benson
  • Four Methods, by Carol T. Noble
  • Cow Walks (poem), by Monica Nehm Cook
  • A Conversation, by Warren Benson
  • Nuts, by Michael J. Olson and Michael A. Arnzen
  • Dirge of the Forest King (poem), by J.W. Donnelly
  • Artists: Barbara Rosen (cover), Bucky Montgomery, Richard Dahlstrom