Out of It (1992)

“What’s it like to be out of it? In this little collection we have quite a few folks who aren’t with it…. Sounds kinda depressing, right? Like I’ve been OD-ing on Morrissey records or something. Nah, it’s just a way to keep our comfortable lives in perspective.”

  • Fuck Head, by D. R. McBride
  • Life in America, pt. 4 (poem), by Jamie Meyers
  • Smoke, by Matt Sughrue
  • Balls (poem), by Wendell Metzger
  • A Coka-Doodle Do, by Paul Weinman
  • The Big One, by William Rose
  • Only the Lonely (poem), by Christine B. Hoard
  • Stained, by Dean Fiora
  • Dreams Without a Dreamer, by DF Lewis
  • Reflectors (poem), by Herb Kauderer
  • Losers Say “Deal,” by Dan Crawford
  • Snip, by Danya D’Arcy
  • Addiction (poem), by Jennifer Jensen
  • Artists: D. Kevin Watson (cover), Richard Dahlstrom Tyler Starr, Linda Sherman