Grim Grafiks (1987)

“Rub an artist and an editor together at the World Fantasy Convention and POOF!” John Del Gaizo and I collaborated on this early effort, and we certainly didn’t hold back. — John Benson

  • Scratch, by Gary Lovisi
  • Letter to Home (poem), by Wayne Allen Sallee
  • Between Longitude 90° W and 150° W, One Degree Above Hell, by A.R. Morlan
  • Kiss Me (poem), by Kitty Pedone
  • Safe Within My Womb, by Wayne Allen Sallee
  • Wings, by Tony Pizzini
  • Ghouls (poem), by Ron Shiflet
  • There Are Those Among Us Who Wait, by Annice Burdeos
  • Change of Heart, by William C. Rasmussen
  • Death, A Last Poe-M (poem), by John Del Gaizo
  • Artists: John Del Gaizo (cover), Kitty Pedone, Dave Doris, Jake Magnificent, Gavin Roth