#15 (1996)

Published March 1996

Theme: Love Gone Bad

“In honor of the recent passing of Valentine’s Day, our perverse theme is love gone bad. [We have] an over-dependent son of an over-protective mother, a murderer haunted by his dead girlfriend’s helpfulness, a ghost couple who really burn up two living lovers, and a dreamer who finds his dream-girl in an unusual place.”

  • D. R. McBride, “Sollie”
  • Jamie Meyers, “to the narcoleptic shrink” (poem)
  • Mark McLaughlin, “What Not to Name the Cat” (poem)
  • Todd Powell, “Twenty-Six Feet of Yellow”
  • W. Gregory Stewart, “bartalk/49” (poem)
  • John Grey, “Post Card from the Desert” (poem)
  • Chris Kenworthy, “Blue Glass”
  • Judy Klass, “The Passing” (poem)
  • J. Spencer Dreischarf, “The Book Lovers’ Tale”
  • Brian Maycock, “Ghosts” (poem)
  • Ray Nickford, “Nanny’s Friends”
  • W. Gregory Stewart, “we trek the sea of souls” (poem)
  • Andrew Hook, “The Release”
  • Mary Winters, “Her Cast with a Lacy Bow” (poem)
  • Bob Cook, “Isolation Wedding Suite” (poem)
  • Artists: David Grilla (cover), Cathy Buburuz, Alan Casey, GAK, Alex Nathan Shumate, A. R. Klosterman