#64 (2020)

Published October 2020

Theme: Travel and Baggage

Not One of Us #64 evolved into two shorter publications, which we are calling #64a and #64b. Initially this was a way to deal with the printing company not being back to full capacity after COVID-19. But then I really got to like the idea. Subscribers got both parts and ended up with an issue #64 that has more prose, poetry, and art than with our standard 52-page format.

“The theme of Not One of Us #64a is travel. Birds flee, while people are kidnapped or abducted, change form or vanish, cross a causeway to a place with faces but no exit, or hang suspended until the end.

Not One of Us #64b is all about the baggage people carry: a young woman seeing the human cost of staying alive, someone left behind as excess baggage, others trying to flee, a woman unloading the baggage of expired relationships, plus suitcases and bus stop.”

Contents of Not One of Us #64a:

  • The Dregs, by Mark Seneviratne
  • Abduction (poem), by Roger Dutcher
  • Taking Form, by Nicole Tanquary
  • Shadows Vanish (poem), by Jennifer Crow
  • The Devil’s Causeway, by Pam Bissonnette 
  • The Body Suspension Artist, by Hudson Wilding
  • Wolves (poem), by Phoebe Low
  • Art: John Stanton

Contents of Not One of Us #64b:

  • Liesel, by Cate Gardner
  • Excess Baggage (poem), by Gerri Leen
  • Money for Mars, by Jonny Spinasanto
  • And Through the Desert (poem), by Alexandra Seidel
  • Faces Like the Backs of Thumbtacks, by B. Lawrence        
  • Baggage (poem), by Holly Day
  • Be Prepared (poem), by Neal Wilgus
  • From the Fourth Floor, by Matthew Evans
  • Νυχαυγής (poem), by Sonya Taaffe
  • Art: John Stanton