Waste (1999)

“As I was casting about for a title to this year’s collection, the ecological met the scatological, and the result is Waste. We have an alien race of conquerors who don’t waste much, a tattoo artist who finds inspiration on the porcelain convenience, a girl trying to reassemble her life in a forest laid waste, and a woman reclaimed from the ravages of time.”

  • Organic Science, by James Viscosi
  • Big Top Job (poem), by Nancy Bennett
  • Porcelain, by Deborah Hunt
  • Rumination (poem), by Cindy Main
  • A New Leaf or Back to Sleep (Turning Over) (poem), by Geoff Stevens
  • The Whispering Forest, by Barbara Rosen
  • Dorothy Alone, by DF Lewis
  • Defiance (poem), by Jamie Meyers
  • Art: Ron Leming (cover), Cathy Buburuz, Virgil Barfield, Karl Benson, Jeff Ward