#45 (2011)

Published April 2011

Theme: Unseen

“Come inside to see the unseen, or barely seen. We have private darkness and hidden places, a drug’s eye view, eyes taped shut, and a dead man watching, eruptions from below and people down the drain, a missing scaly king and the child of a lie, shadows of you and shadows in the seas of the moon.”

  • The Sweepers, by Patricia Russo
  • The Hidden Places (poem), by K.S. Hardy
  • Understudy (poem), by Lee Clark Zumpe
  • A Wolf in Iceland Is the Child of a Lie, by Sonya Taaffe
  • A Storm at Night, and (poem), by Erin Hoffman
  • Mote, by Erik Amundsen
  • Birch (poem), by Kelly Rose Pflug-Back
  • The Candle Folk, by Phoebe Nir
  • Incubation (poem), by Sonya Taaffe
  • Dead Man Watching, by Sunny Moraine
  • Down the Drain, by Francesca Forrest
  • Another Day (poem), by Malcolm Morris
  • I Bet Pliny the Elder Didn’t Cite His Sources, by Jason Maurer
  • Birds Fly (poem), by Holly Day
  • Art: John Stanton (cover), Francesca Forrest