#31 (2004)

Published April 2004

Theme: Strange Guest

“We’ve all had a strange guest now and then. Maybe not as dramatic as Banquo’s ghost or Elijah, but enough to shake our complacency. This time we’re playing host to so many strange guests that I feel out of place. We have a jellyfish complicating an already strained relationship, a pillar of salt trying to talk to someone who saw, a hero who insists on helping, a strange pair visiting a tattoo parlor, a woman who finds meaning in aiding alien hotel guests, and something ‘out there’ now invited in.”

  • Patricia Russo, “Suckling”
  • John Grey, “Wanderer” (poem)
  • Manfred Gabriel, “A Life in Pictures”
  • Cindy Main, “Yesterday’s Catch” (poem)
  • Sonya Taaffe, “Retrospective”
  • Karen R. Porter, “Security” (poem)
  • Kevin Anderson, “Ink Spot”
  • Sonya Taaffe, “Something Beneath” (poem)
  • Marc Lecard, “Night Window”
  • Terry Black, “It’s Out There”
  • Kent Kruse, “We’re Always Having to Do Some Kind of Dying” (poem)
  • An Interview with My Favorite’s Michael Grace, Jr.
  • Kurt Sobolik, “Uncle” (poem)
  • Kate Riedel, “The Pear Orchard”
  • Karen R. Porter, “Crucifixation” (poem)
  • Artists: HE Fassl (cover), Augie Wiedemann, Ray Campion