#17 (1997)

Published February 1997

Theme: No Exit

“Welcome to our no exit issue. We have a doubly-foreign man caught up in a ritual he doesn’t understand; a spirit confined by a loner’s loneliness; an outcast who finds her long-sought ideal too perfect; a neglected woman in a dying marriage; a man constrained to climb; and a space cadet trapped by a headcase on a bus.”

  • Dawn Martin, “Xixiegui”
  • Karen R. Porter, “The Return” (poem)
  • Geoff Stevens, “Cardinal by Manzu” (poem)
  • Jill M. Morgan, “Spirit of the Feral Woods”
  • Mark McLaughlin, “Dad” (poem)
  • Ceri Jordan, “There the Great City Stands”
  • Barbara Rosen, “The Green Bottle”
  • John Grey, “Stranger on Your Streets” (poem)
  • Thomas Deja, “The Next Rung”
  • William Jacklin, “Polly Wants More Than a Cracker” (poem)
  • Lester Thees, “The Newcomer”
  • Kurt Sobolik, “Scene” (poem)
  • Paul Melko, Jr., “Doreen”
  • John Benson and Tina Reigel, “Obtaining Consent for Invasive Procedures from Newly Deceased Adults: A Request for Proposals”
  • Nancy Bennett, “One of My Ugly Days” (poem)
  • Mary Winters, “Mom Says, ‘At Fifty, You’ve Got the Face You Deserve,’” (poem)
  • Artists: Alan Casey (cover), Richard Dahlstrom, Mark McLaughlin, Augie Wiedemann, Lee Seed, Michelle Parker