#67 (2021)

Published July 2021

Theme: Killer

“This is a killer issue. No, really. First, two serial killers meet in a bar (rim shot!) in a tale of unrequited love. Then, a young man discovers that his life-long friend has been secretly channeling Dante. Plus, a hit woman weaponizes her most remarkable talent. Finally, please give a warm welcome to our pair of psychopomps, because with this crowd, we need all the transportation we can get.”


  • Casual, by Patrick Barb
  • Narcissus in London (poem), by Sonya Taaffe
  • Promises to Keep, by William H. Wandless
  • Quietly Paying Attention (poem), by Holly Day
  • The Guides of All Things That Die, by Alexandra Seidel
  • Reincarnation (poem), by Chris Pellizzari
  • Weeds (poem), by G. O. Clark
  • Hit Song, by Colin Sinclair
  • Postponed (poem), by Malcolm Morris
  • The Damage (poem), by Jennifer Crow
  • Art: Flo and John Stanton