#11 (1993)

Published November 1993

Theme: Family

“We thought we’d bring the family together to celebrate Halloween this year. [We have] fathers bearing burdens, an unnatural mother, a lovers’ triangle, unrequited love, a spore son, and children with a lot in common.”

  • Father’s Workshop, by Jeffrey Osier
  • Some Thoughts on the Division of Space (poem), by Wayne Edwards
  • Penance, by Morgan Fields
  • The Watch on Larry (poem), by John Grey
  • Avoidance (poem), by J. Richard Reed
  • The Unnatural Blend of Colors, by A. J. Cox
  • Unread (poem), by Herb Kauderer
  • Pal Pot, by D. F. Lewis
  • The Cycle of Life, by Cliff Burns
  • Dark Reflections (poem), by G. Tod Slone
  • The Last Poetry Night at the Saturnalia Coffee House, by Mark McLaughlin
  • Snapshots (poem), by Jacie Ragan
  • An Immodest Proposal (poem), by Wendell Metzger
  • Stigmata, by Shelley Moore
  • Ballad of a Would-Be Hero (poem), by Ace Boggess
  • The Pain Killer, by Mark Rich
  • An Ice Cube for the Coffee (poem), by Denise Dumars, Todd Mecklem, and W. Gregory Stewart
  • Heartthrob, by David Logan
  • Spore Son (poem), by John B. Rosenman
  • Artists: John Borkowski (cover), Augie Wiedemann, Marge Simon, Ron Leming