#42 (2009)

Published October 2009

Theme: Communication

“Communication issue.” Say no more.

  • Palava, by Patricia Russo
  • Phersu (poem), by Sonya Taaffe
  • Snowbound, by the Furnace (poem), by Marcie Lynn Tentchoff
  • Five Ways to Ruin a First Date, by Marissa K. Lingen
  • The Ocean’s Daughter Takes a Lover (poem), by J.C. Runolfson
  • Queen of May (poem), by Adrienne J. Odasso
  • Still, by Shanna Germain
  • An Evening of… (poem), by Stephanie Smith
  • Love in Another Language, by Eugene Mirabelli
  • A Haiku (poem), by Shelly Bryant
  • Zombie Eyes (poem), by K.S. Hardy
  • Thought I Would Let You Know (poem), by Kent Kruse
  • Faceless in Halukan, by RJ Astruc
  • Ready to Quit (poem), by Holly Day
  • Art: John and Flo Stanton