#29 (2003)

Published March 2003

Theme: You’re Not from Around Here, Are You?

You’re Not from Around Here, Are You? That question, the title of Harry Fassl’s cover art, captures the understandable paranoia of the times. All around, nature red in tooth and claw, too many jagged edges. This issue reflects our fatal attraction to things that cut ourselves and others.”

  • Patricia Russo, “Jagged”
  • Karen R. Porter, “His Dead Son” (poem)
  • Dolorez Gomez, “Galvanizing Jimmy Hoffa” (poem)
  • Daniel Arnold, “Unforgiving Stones”
  • Sonya Taaffe, “Clay Lies Still”
  • Sara Joan Berniker, “Natalie”
  • Nancy Bennett, “In the Dead Lights” (poem)
  • Kevin L. Donihe, “Love Comes Hard” (poem)
  • Woody O. Carsky-Wilson, “Brother Blade”
  • John Grey, “To the One Who Knocked on the Wrong Door” (poem)
  • Barbara Rosen, “Beast”
  • Kent Kruse, “Fortitude” (poem)
  • Artists: Harry E. Fassl (cover), Augie Wiedemann, Eric T. Asaris