#19 (1998)

Published March 1998

Theme: Skeletons in the Closet

“Welcome to our skeletons in the closet issue. We have a woman with a grisly past she can’t escape, gnasty monsters freed from the asshole of the earth, a couple closeted by fear of loss, a parody of its creator’s past, a dim boy in a world of shadows and mist, a psychic and a psycho, a man doomed to hear hidden secrets, a woman with a dog and a bone to pick, and some recycled bones with a mission.”

  • Stefano Donati, “So Much to Answer For”
  • Ladonna King, “Saint” (poem)
  • S. Lawrence Parrish, “Gnarlets and Gorslings”
  • Kiel Stuart, “Explaining the Nature of the Universe to a Friend” (poem)
  • Bob Cook, “Departure” (poem)
  • Steve Eller, “Tear Us Apart”
  • Karen R. Porter, “Wastrel Lords” (poem)
  • James Lecky, “Beloved Son”
  • Kurt Newton, “The Abduction of Kenny G.”
  • Brian Maycock, “Map-Maker” (poem)
  • Jeff Hufford, “Find Your God”
  • Stepan Chapman, “The Berry-Wriggles” (poem)
  • David Price, “Deathbed Confessor”
  • W. Gregory Stewart, “Urban Messiah” (poem)
  • Dave Eisenstark, “Curtain Time”
  • Elisabeth Perrin, “Recycling Day”
  • John Grey, “Bone Man” (poem)
  • Artists: Augie Wiedemann (cover), Karl Benson, Terry Campbell, Brian Coundiff