#01 (1986)

Published October 1986

Debut issue: “…in early 1986 I let some fellow editors know that I intended to publish a collection that might turn into a magazine.” At the time, I was already editing and publishing a horror magazine, Doppelgänger, which I later turned over to someone else. The first “issue” of Not One of Us was designed as a collection (hence, the lack of issue number on its cover) and was much longer than the magazine issues that followed.

  • Chiaroscuro, by William Relling, Jr.
  • Dust (poem), by John Benson
  • Vision, by Anke Kriske
  • Take the “A’ Train, by Wayne Allen Sallee
  • Tens Around and Both Nine of Trump, by Dan Crawford
  • Dangerous Passing, by Ken Wisman
  • Deadlock, by George Foss
  • Not One of Us (poem), by Margaret Simon
  • 9,814,185,565.9 A.D., by Ronny Kaye
  • A Process of Change, by G. Wayne Miller
  • The Lupi, by Erskine Carter
  • Insider (poem), by Malcolm Morris
  • The Twist, by Scott C. Virtes
  • Memories After a Cloudy Day, by Alarice K. Breidert
  • Murgh, by Bobby Warner
  • Getting Things Back Under Control (poem), by D.M. Vosk
  • Coupon Special, by Albert Manachino
  • The Road I Took (poem), by Sue Marra
  • Artists: Douglas Klauba (cover), Jeannette Hopper, John Del Gaizo, Margaret Simon, Scott C. Virtes