#23 (2000)

Published March 2000

Theme: Liquid

“Let’s get right into the flow of this, our liquid issue. We have a liquid man on an Earth in flux, a haunting bond deeper than blood, drinks to oblivion and a haven for dreams, dolls and dances drowning, and a crushed white cup.”

  • Neil Williamson, “River Run Deep”
  • Karen R. Porter, “Pariah” (poem)
  • Nancy Bennett, “Pity Sleeps” (poem)
  • Antony Bennett, “Deeper Than Blood”
  • Seth Matthew Lindberg, “The Rosegarden”
  • Kurt Sobolik, “The Day Fran Hurley Died” (poem)
  • C.S. Fuqua, “Holy Days” (poem)
  • Mark Rich, “Crushed White Cup”
  • Michael A. Chaney, “Island Unto Herself” (poem)
  • Bruce Boston, “A Haven for Dreams”
  • Karen R. Porter, “Choices” (poem)
  • John R. Platt, “Modification” (poem)
  • Paul Bradshaw, “At Riley’s Bar”
  • John Grey, “Emerging” (poem)
  • Artists: Ron Leming (cover), Augie Wiedemann, Eric York