#13 (1995)

Published February 1995

Theme: The Best of Times, the Worst of Times

“We have a town transformed by an all-too-intimate type of communion, an alien in need of a plan, a rite of passage that works both ways, a man with forces for allies, two boys gone too far, a prince of dreadful magick, a man whose identity is a killer to others, and a mother’s everlasting love. Not to mention radical women, black cats, suicides and survivors, and diseases of body and mind.”

  • Passing Through, by Tom Piccirilli
  • Radical Lilith (poem), by Karen Verba
  • But Is It Art? (poem), by Mark McLaughlin
  • A Plan, by Lorin Emery
  • Synaptic Infiltration (poem), by Bob Cook
  • The Birthday Ritual, by Kurt Newton
  • No Escape (poem), by John Grey
  • Necromorph Loves Black Cat (First Meeting) (poem), by J. C. Hendee
  • Exorcism, by Steven R. Crawford
  • Transverse for the Keeper of Words (poem), by Errol Miller
  • Survivor (poem), by Herb Kauderer
  • Fading, by Katherine Harbour
  • Wurlitzer Metastasis (poem), by T. W. Kriner
  • The Prince of Dreadful Magick, by Mark McLaughlin
  • Load Bone (poem), by Wayne Edwards
  • Weep (poem), by Jamie Meyers
  • Charades, by Holly Day
  • Eye of Moon (poem), by Sue Storm and David C. Kopaska-Merkel
  • First Love, by Dane Patton
  • On a Bridge (poem), by John Grey
  • Artists: John Borkowski (cover), Augie Wiedemann