#08 (1991)

Published October 1991

Theme: Fifth Anniversary

“Our current issue is populated by a passel of strange folks who are definitely not one of us: a man whose dream lovers have a startling effect, an abused child ready to leave, a spy who hides in plain sight, and a god who prays for the best.”

  • For Want of a Smile, by Gary A. Braunbeck
  • Lost (poem), by Wayne Edwards
  • The Survivor, by Jack Pavey
  • The Office Beast (poem), by John Grey
  • Hooney Jew, Hooney Jew, by Steve Vernon
  • Soldiers in the Nunnery (poem), by C. Darren Butler
  • Disney Isn’t Dead, He’s Frozen, by Terry Black
  • Not There (poem), by Janet P. Reedman
  • Discarded (poem), by Jeffrey Thomas
  • Walkers, by Norman Partridge
  • The Ghost and Ben Norcross, by Carol Cail
  • Pariah Offering (poem), by Eryc Bourland
  • Spring Cleaning (poem), by Jamie Meyers
  • A Rootless Thought, by D. F. Lewis
  • Lost 3 (poem), by Wayne Edwards
  • The House Next Door, by Katherine X. Rylien
  • Misfit (poem), by Vincent Cannella
  • Five Thought from Cliff Burns
  • Crew (poem), by Scott E. Green
  • B. E. M. (poem), by Herb Kauderer
  • Skunk Hollow, by Monica Nehm Cook
  • Artists: John Borkowski (cover), Marge Simon, Augie Wiedemann, Kevin Duncan, Ray Basham, Barbara Rosen, Richard Dahlstrom