#18 (1997)

Published September 1997

Theme: Bondage

“Welcome to our bondage issue. No, not that kind of bondage: what do you take me for? I mean the psychological ties that bind us in ways we often provoke, but don’t intend. We have a duty-bound brother whose sister is fit to be tied; a gambler who can change the future, but can’t escape his past; a mother trying to overcome her fear and failure; an abused wife getting a grip on self-destruction in a relative way; and a man drawn home by twin pasts.”

  • Kurt Newton, “Bound”
  • W. Gregory Stewart, “Vespers” (poem)
  • Thomas Deja, “Butterfly Wings”
  • Richard Reeve, “Twisting Fear” (poem)
  • Mary Winters, “Today’s the Day?” (poem)
  • Julie R. Good, “Jigsaw”
  • Gerard Daniel Houarner, “The Shape”
  • John Grey, “Artiste” (poem)
  • Kate Riedel, “Kindred Spirits”
  • Susan Spilecki, “Cool-Down at the Bar Downstairs” (poem)
  • s.c. virtes, “Steamroller”
  • Mark McLaughlin, “Lipstick on Your Straightjacket Collar” (poem)
  • C. D. Wendig, “Bourbon Street Lullaby”
  • Cindy Main, “Strait Jacket” (poem)
  • Artists: Augie Wiedemann (cover), Karl Benson, Alan Casey, Mark McLaughlin, Joseph C. Booth