#03 (1988)

Published April 1988

Theme: Solitude Standing

“The outsiders this time include an Anasazi prince, an innocent witness to diabolical rites, a woman with an enchanted butterfly, a maladjusted son, a dying Vietnam veteran and his magician friend, a lump of goo, a boy caught in a cultural dilemma, a psychic voyeur, an ill-starred fugitive, and an unearthly union of Earthlings.”

  • Kiva, by Mike Hurley
  • The Settlement (poem), by Elizabeth Hillman
  • Over on the Texas Side, by Gary S. O’Neal
  • Lepidoptera, by Charlotte Brown-Hammond
  • The Fifth (poem), by Sheryll Watt
  • Blest Are the Sorrowing, by Kathleen Jurgens
  • Terra Strains 73 (poem), by Wayne Allen Sallee
  • Amerce, by Ryck Neube
  • Glop, by Jeff Johnston
  • The Shroud of Night (poem), by Lawrence Harding
  • Diana in the Rain, by John B. Rosenman
  • Love Is Blinded, by Don Hornbostel
  • A Tour of the Sarah Fairmont House, by Colleen Drippé
  • Nude Last Night (poem), by David Starkey
  • Fallen Angel, by Jamie Meyers
  • Going Home, by Robert Brockett
  • Worth, by Wayne Allen Sallee
  • Gnawing (poem), by Dwight E. Humphries
  • Artists: Douglas Klauba (cover), Jeannette Hopper, Ray Basham, Marge Simon, John Del Gaizo