#07 (1991)

Published January 1991

Theme: Fiction Strange As Fact

“Consider how the women behave in this issue. They live on meat and wine, poison the spring, find better ways in an alley, shelter their daughters from Manson-family pasts, push against tress or romp entirely too much, and hear voice that bring bittersweet joy. The men are just as odd. They find fun and games in threes or fours, explore the depths of their minds, posit simple truths, examine their fellow man, and talk to dead folks with a bad attitude.”

  • Leave Her Alone, by Mark McLaughlin
  • Essentials of Anatomy (poem), by Christopher Pierson
  • Endless Electric (poem), by Michael While
  • Bitter Springs, by Celeste Paul
  • Better Ways in a Wet Alley, by Barb Hendee
  • Fringe of the Now (poem), by Delia Shiflet
  • Umbrella Synchrony (poem), by Joy Oestreicher
  • When Bobby Came Home, by Jack Pavey
  • Memories of Home (poem), by Doni A. Lazenby
  • Jesus Wept, But (poem), by Michael A. Arnzen
  • The Heritage Girls Collection, by D. W. Harrison
  • The Last Elephant, by Wendell Metzger
  • The Well, by Miroslaw Lipinski
  • Sign, by Carol T. Noble
  • Simple Truths, by Bob Gates
  • The World As Will and Reason (poem), by Carl Buchanan
  • Immer, by Kay Fortunato
  • Technological Superstition (poem), by Andrew Darlington
  • Sat. Night (poem), by Paul Weinman
  • Look, Don’t Touch, by DF Lewis
  • Kenole and the Night Marchers, by Nathaniel Johnson, Jr.
  • The First Contact with Civilization (poem), by Steve Sneyd
  • Tribal Art (poem), by Errol Miller
  • Artists: Ray Basham (cover), John Borkowski, Augie Wiedemann, Bucky Montgomery, Richard Dahlstrom, Kevin Duncan, Michael Noonan