#55 (2016)

Published April 2016

Theme: Fire and Rain

Fire and rain: this issue is pretty elemental. We have a volcano and a torch, oak and ash, a horse of fire; drizzle and flood, the ill in search of a fountain, fast-moving shadows, a drought and a water cure that’s worse. More: druids and voices old, an oracle, an aria, and a portal in the mouth, missing labs and carnivores picked clean, daughters and dead silence. Plus roller derby.”

  • A Drizzle Still Counts As Rain, by Patricia Russo
  • The Nihilist’s Prayer (poem), by Laura Sloan Patterson
  • The Choices of Foxes, by Sonya Taaffe
  • Started Small (poem), by David Kopaska-Merkel
  • The Oracle Sings a Torch Song, by Gillian Daniels
  • Daughter of Oak and Ash (poem), by Deborah Guzzi
  • A Voice Old (poem), by K.S. Hardy
  • The Water Cure, by Alexander Leger-Small
  • The Daughter Who Left (poem), by Holly Day
  • Art: John Stanton