#21 (1999)

Published March 1999

Theme: Love

“Welcome to our love issue. Yes, you heard me right! We have a couple of sociopathic lovers at the end of the road, two folks who care about the same dog for very different reasons, a hunka hunka burnin’ love (apologies to Elvis), biker love, a love triangle involving the living and the once-and-future dead, a family burned by abuse, love, and self-loathing, [and] a deceptively lovely (and loving) room….”

  • Lachesis January, “Blossom Falling”
  • Karen R. Porter, “Permanent Stains” (poem)
  • Patricia Russo, “Dog Lover”
  • Steve Eller, “Bodily Fluids”
  • Nancy Bennett, “The Matchmaker” (poem)
  • Jamie Meyers, “Clearcut” (poem)
  • Gabriele A. Rollé, “Shovelhead”
  • Cindy Main, “Backfire” (poem)
  • Brian Maycock, “The Leaving”
  • Cindy Main, “Face Lift” (poem)
  • Mark McLaughlin, “Reed Thin” (poem)
  • Gary Couzens, “Four A.M.”
  • Jamie Meyers, “The Other Side of an Unanswered Prayer” (poem)
  • Jennifer Rachel Baumer, “Savannah’s Room”
  • John Grey, “The Man Lying on the Sidewalk” (poem)
  • Don Webb, “Afterward”
  • Artists: Ron Leming (cover), Augie Wiedemann, Cathy Buburuz & Charles Fallis