#25 (2001)

Published March 2001

Theme: Leadership

“Welcome to our leadership issue. We have a religious leader denying the world’s end, the blind leading the blind, a big sister fixing something not quite right, a spirit leading in the dance, a well-boned beauty leading a lad into strange addiction, folks both singing and smoking the lead, plus a place to go if it doesn’t work out.”

  • Loren Rhoads, “Mothflame”
  • John Grey, “The One Out in the Rain” (poem)
  • Steve Eller, “Blind”
  • Karen R. Porter, “January on the Interstate” (poem)
  • Jamie Meyers, “Drunk Again” (poem)
  • Patricia Russo, “Lisa, On the Roof and Off”
  • Donna Taylor Burgess, “Dreams of Madness” (poem)
  • Sherry Decker, “Shivering, Dancing”
  • Nancy Bennett, “Breath of Fire” (poem)
  • Ron J. Cruz, “Something in the Bone”
  • Nancy Bennett, “The Winter of My Childhood” (poem)
  • Tom Condarcure, “A Pretty Girl Is Like a Melody”
  • Jack Fisher, “Shadow”
  • Ken Goldman, “Smokin’ ”
  • Jamie Meyers, “Beyond the Breakers” (poem)
  • Stefano Donati, “The Place”
  • Seán Russell Friend, “Loner in the World Outside” (poem)
  • Artists: Augie Wiedemann (cover), Marge Simon, Karl Benson