#16 (1996)

Published September 1996

Theme: Throwing Muses; Tenth Anniversary

“The theme of our tenth anniversary issue is throwing muses…”

“In our debut issue, I said Not One of Us was ‘guided by the belief that a society should be judged as much by how it treats its outcasts as by how it rewards its conformists.’ Still in that spirit, we start our second decade.”

  • James Miller, “The Comforts of Sleep”
  • Jamie Meyers, “Slobber” (poem)
  • Chris Bell, “The Boom on Mesa-5”
  • Wayne Edwards, “Labor In and Out” (poem)
  • Heather G. Wells, “Headed Home”
  • Kim Padgett-Clarke, “Touch”
  • Brandon W. Totman, “Yellow” (poem)
  • Tony Cobb, “The Syndrome”
  • John Grey, “Mother Love” (poem)
  • Jamie Meyers, “Hunger” (poem)
  • Kiel Stuart, “Shopping for Sambal Goreng” (poem)
  • Steve Antczak, “Throwing Muses Away”
  • Margot Solod, “Common Tongue” (poem)
  • Artists: Gary McCluskey (cover), Douglas Klauba, Andy Tubbesing, Brian Coundiff, P. J. Scoggins, Terry Campbell