#14 (1995)

Published September 1995

Theme: Radical Empathy

“Our theme this time (unpremeditated, as always) is radical empathy. We have an understanding woman in the spring of stupidity, genetically-engineered creatures with psychic powers, a virtual reality that offers life to the dying, a man who burns to be loved, two close sisters who get even closer, and a man with a gift that’s driving him nuts.”

  • Chad, by Kate Riedel
  • In Hiding (poem), by Holly Day
  • Gone, by Tom Piccirilli
  • The Daughter (poem), by Brandon W. Totman
  • Way Down, by Steve Antczak
  • A Little Bit of Redemption (poem), by Holly Day
  • The Ghoul Gets Sick (poem), by John Grey
  • The Burning Man, by Kurt Newton
  • The Good Samaritan Home (poem), by Kurt Sobolik
  • Bad Reason, by D. F. Lewis
  • Brain Capers (poem), by David C. Kopaska-Merkel
  • Sinister and Dexter, by Nancy Malvina Ibsen
  • Plague Column (poem), by Tom Reynolds
  • How Does It Feel?, by Thomas Deja
  • Posse Comitatus (poem), by Wayne Edwards
  • Artists: Alan Casey (cover), Richard Dahlstrom, Marge Simon, Cathy Buburuz, Terry Campbell