#68 (2021)

Published October 2021

Theme: Birth and Death

“Our latest issue is about birth and death, two events that are naturally associated, although ‘natural’ might not be the adjective to apply here. We have ancient creatures who bring a gift of creativity at the unmentioned price of birth and death, a midwife who drags death to the births she attends, a woman who would rather kill than fall behind on the reproductive contract, horned births that turn to deaths, family-style, and an anomaly that spells love but brings an end.”


  • All, by Isa Arsén
  • The Sisters of Andromeda (poem), by Alexandra Seidel
  • Gloria, by Andrin Albrecht
  • Fascination (poem), by Sonya Taaffe
  • The Moon Held in Her Lap, by Sarah McGill
  • Paterfamilias (poem), by Sydney Sackett
  • Morning (poem), by Alexandra Seidel          
  • Sickness and Health, by Mary Crosbie
  • Wrong Numbers (poem), by J. J. Steinfeld
  • Art: John Stanton