#10 (1993)

Published April 1993

Theme: Here to Help You

“Hello, my name is John, and I’m here to help you. We have salvation through art, damnation in the depths, help for the suicidal, a stranger in a rite of comfort, a candy taking over the world, an odd inquiry into the afterlife, and a quest for normality. You feel better already, don’t you?”

  • The Guilting of Rowan Byrne, by Gary A. Braunbeck
  • Portrait of a Father (poem), by Lisa Lepovetsky
  • Bound in the Shed (poem), by Marge Simon
  • Vein, by Deidra Cox
  • Making Ram (poem), by Gary J. Whitehead
  • What, A Great Time (poem), by Paul Weinman
  • Helpline, by Jack Wainer
  • I Lie You My Lies (poem), by J. C. Hendee
  • Maeve, by Lillian Csernica
  • The Man Who Hated Dogs (poem), by Carter Swart
  • Pied-a-Terre (poem), by Lorin Emery
  • Chocolate Bob, by Terry Black
  • Hoping for the Best (poem), by John Grey
  • Resurrection, by Adam Meyer
  • Drained (poem), by G. Tod Slone
  • Back Alley Sam, by J. M. Morgan
  • In the 90s (poem), by Nancy Purnell
  • Normal, by Lucia Nevai
  • Waggoner Man (poem), by Wayne Edwards
  • The Eye of Eternity (poem), by Andrew Darlington
  • Artists: Ron Leming (cover), Richard Dahlstrom, Kevin Duncan, Ray Basham, Blair Wilson, Marge Simon, Wendell Metzger, Eugene Gryniewicz, Augie Wiedemann