#06 (1990)

Published April 1990

Theme: Addiction

“Back again with a new cargo of characters cast adrift by society. We have a lonely epileptic, a real-life killer, an alien left to fend for himself, a paranoid school teacher, a haunting image, and a homeless man dispossessed anew.”

  • André, the Marvelous Bear of Dreams, by t. winter-damon
  • Lullaby for Marionettes (poem), by Lisa Lepovetsky
  • The Killer, by Jack Pavey
  • The Girl on the Tracks, by Charles Richard Laing
  • Untitled (poem), by David C. Kopaska-Merkel
  • Pardon My Thorax, by Terry Black
  • Four Seasons (poem), by Errol Miller
  • The Armies of Man (poem), by Cindy Moser
  • Obsession, by Barbara Rosen
  • Angels Whisper (poem), by David Smith
  • Every Angel’s Terrifying (poem), by Carl Buchanan
  • Saint Ana, by Mark Rich
  • Ashura (poem), by Jacie Ragan
  • Haunting Image, by Richard McGonegal
  • Becca (poem), by Wayne Edwards
  • The Riverview, by William Rose
  • The Man Who Ate Pennies (poem), by Marilyn K. Martin
  • Loobies on the Half-Shell, by Dan Crawford
  • The War on Drugs (poem), by Ronald Edward Kittell
  • LoveBytes, by Tom Elliott
  • Bone Wings (poem), by Jessica Amanda Salmonson
  • Onion Man (poem), by Keith Allen Daniels
  • Artists: John Borkowski (cover), Bucky Montgomery, Augie Wiedemann, Allan Koszowski, Barbara Rosen