Care (2017)

“People who need care sometimes find it in strange places. In this collection, people variously get care from a cabal of busybodies, a demon hand in a suitcase, a dead girl spouting Moby Dick, and a stone filling in as psychiatrist. We have food you can’t eat, spiders on the ceiling, conversation and cardboard boxes, chalk outlines, and free things that come with a cost.”

  • Nice and Tuesday, by Patricia Russo
  • The Conversation (poem), by Sonya Taaffe
  • Old Tom Bedloe (poem), by Herb Kauderer
  • Did You Pack Your Own Case?, by Dan Crawford
  • Spider on the Ceiling (poem), by Kent Kruse
  • Repast (poem), by Davian Aw
  • Joyride, by Matthew Brockmeyer
  • Chalk Outline (poem), by Neal Wilgus
  • Doctor Stone, by Francesca Forrest
  • Free Universe (poem), by Gene Twaronite
  • Art: John Stanton