#24 (2000)

Published September 2000

Theme: Change

“Welcome to our change issue. We have a piggy-back man changing bodies once too often, a wish-wife changing her skin, a child/woman artist changing perspective to cope with abuse, a cross-dimensional rite of passage, very old things that change but stay the same, a changeling returning to nature, and a man changing places at a stitch in time.”

  • Steve Vernon, “Rolling Stock”
  • Karen R. Porter, “Background Noise” (poem)
  • Patricia Russo, “Skin”
  • Sophie Hosandir, “Spotting Monsters”
  • Jennifer Crow, “Subluminal” (poem)
  • Ceri Jordan, “Windows”
  • Neil Williamson, “Hard to Do”
  • John Grey, “The End of the World As Explained to the Body in the Corner” (poem)
  • P. Curran, “Very Old Things”
  • Nancy Bennett, “When My Mind’s on Other Things” (poem)
  • Kate Riedel, “Changeling”
  • Stepan Chapman, “All Is Lost” (poem)
  • Eric Hermanson, “Called Back”
  • Karen R. Porter, “Cussbelly” (poem)
  • Artists: Brian Coundiff (cover), Marge Simon, Augie Wiedemann