Split (1994)

Split was, in part, a tribute to the magazine Doppelgänger, which had just ceased publication after a ten-year run under the editorship (successively) of Ronny Kaye, John Benson, and Jamie Meyers. Because Doppelgänger had been known for its finely-crafted non-fiction (as well as fiction), including the Filmstück and Musikstück review columns, we thought it would be a fitting homage for three of us who had been associated with the magazine to write reviews about a film, a novel, and a record album called Doppelgänger(s).

  • (The Exceedingly Praeternatural & More Than a Little Disconcerting Life-Giving Properties of) The Paelescu Ray, by Mark McLaughlin
  • Jekyll Time (poem), by J.W. Donnelly
  • Experiment, by Barbara Rosen
  • The Perfection of Nothingness (poem), by Bob Cook
  • Doppelgänger: A Multi-Media Homage:
    • Filmstück, by Jamie Meyers
    • Book Review, by John Benson and Anke Kriske
    • Musikstück, by Jamie Meyers
  • Calder’s Thumbs, by T.W. Kriner
  • Here’s a Goodie (poem), by Wendell Metzger
  • Perfect Hands, by John Benson
  • Part of You (poem), by Malcolm Morris
  • Pop-Eye, by Terry Campbell
  • Just Found God (poem), by Jamie Meyers
  • Dirges by a Bowdlerizer, by Bobbi Sinha
  • Artists: Robert Baldwin (cover), Barbara Rosen, Terry Campbell, Scott Brents