#20 (1998)

Published September 1998

Theme: Charming Relationships

“The theme of this, our twentieth issue is charming relationships. We have a student with two girls and a voice; a woman intimately involved with steel; a killer, a tree, and himself; a couple that cuts together; an ancient pair together again for the first time; a salesman changed by a chance encounter; a man with his causes(s) of death; and a shrink with a boy who creates their new reality.”

  • Robert Krawiec, “The Outsider”
  • Stepan Chapman, “The Creature of Sound” (poem)
  • Ceri Jordan, “Steel Angels”
  • Karen R. Porter, “Divinity” (poem)
  • Jennifer Crow, “Poison” (poem)
  • Robin Lechlann Spriggs, “The Hungry Purpose of Peculiar Urges”
  • Patricia Russo, “Indelible Ink”
  • John Grey, “Back-Rooms” (poem)
  • Michael Gillis, “The Distance of Stars”
  • Nancy Bennett, “Starlit Fibre” (poem)
  • Leonard Jansen, “The Music Between the Notes”
  • Donna Taylor Burgess, “Alone” (poem)
  • Jamie Meyers, “Upon the Turning Tide” (poem)
  • Dan Crawford, “Dead Certainties”
  • Thomas Deja, “Boys and Their Toys”
  • Rob Cook, “Commandos” (poem)
  • Artists: Augie Wiedemann (cover), Ron Leming, Dave Fode, Lee Seed