#09 (1992)

Published June 1992

Theme: Don’t Give Up

“We have…a fast-footed if slow-witted wannabe, a kibitzer in others’ dreams, a modern-day Fagin and his Olivers, a priest and his secret, a boy who has to do what he has to do, a mind lost in its own folds, a man in tune with nature, and a woman in search of her love-throont.”

  • Dancin’ Man, by Elizabeth Massie
  • Bind Me to an Ocean Filled (poem), by Blythe Ayne
  • Helen (poem), by Wayne Edwards
  • Deathdreams, by Steve Vernon
  • Uncle Eddie’s Diner, by Barb Hendee
  • On our farm, where rocks don’t grow (poem), by W. Gregory Stewart
  • The Lonesome Graveyard Blues, by Richard Sharpless
  • Deadheads (poem), by Jamie Meyers
  • Donkeys Are Dancing (poem), by Paul Weinman
  • Confessions, by Jeff VanderMeer
  • Where I Am Heard (poem), by Kevin S. Kantola
  • Violation (poem), by Kathryn A. Drexel
  • What I Had To Do…, by Jeffrey Osier
  • As I Lay Dying, by Francis Huff
  • Ritual of Incomprehension (poem), by G. Tod Slone
  • Sweet Dreams, Sofia, by Carol T. Noble
  • The Herald at Midnight, by Stephen M. Rainey
  • Before the Thaw (poem), by Lisa Lepovetsky
  • Me and Morph, by Carroll Welker
  • Tartar (poem), by A. E. Figueredo
  • One Night Very Soon (poem), by Logan McNeil
  • Mrs. Belegruchka, by Mark McLaughlin
  • Another Stranger (poem), by John Grey
  • Artists: Kevin Duncan (cover), Eugene Gryniewicz, Augie Wiedemann, Marge Simon, Ray Basham