SubNatural (2004)

“As a horror/fantasy editor, I’ve always been more interested in the sub-natural than the super-natural…. We have a sailor become part of the sea, a curse of fairies, a man who’s a bit too close to his spider, autumn’s accident, a group of kids gone under, and a man who finds his sub-parts in a pawn shop.”

  • And the Ocean Waves Do Roll, by Sonya Taaffe
  • A Curse of Fairies, by Kiel Stuart
  • Bitsy, by Barbara Stanley
  • On Reflection (poem), by John Grey
  • Autumn’s Accident, by Kent Kruse
  • Beware Miss Morimoto (poem), by Dolorez Gomez
  • Under, by Brian Maycock
  • Puncture (poem), by Karen R. Porter
  • The Glass Eye, by Charles Richard Laing
  • Artists: Augie Wiedemann (cover), Marge Simon