#66 (2021)

Published April 2021

Theme: Relationships

“This issue is all about relationships, between two waning women at the fin du monde, a fungus and a space-woman in love, an unzipped kid and his dead mother come to the rescue, two brothers in a foster home, dealing with their loss and an uncertain future. Plus 800 cat-witches vs. a god-demon!”


  • A Cabaret of Rosy Rot, by Sarah McGill
  • Volta do Mar (poem), by Sonya Taaffe
  • The Mermaid Conundrum (poem), by Jennifer Crow
  • A Seep of Cats, by Steve Toase
  • I Feel the Absence of Her Shape, by Alexandra Seidel
  • And Leaves (poem), by F. J. Bergmann
  • Things Get Better at the Faster Stop, by S. C. Retsim
  • A Grim Diagnosis (poem), by Gretchen Tessmer
  • Morning’s Memory, by Grace Phillips
  • I Grew Out of It (poem), by Ada Hoffmann
  • Art: John Stanton