#04 (1988)

Published November 1988

Theme: Fourth World

“Our fourth issue has a distinctly fourth-world flavor. We also have…an actuarial oddity and an exiled evil, a lonely fisherman, an enemy and an ersatz revolutionary, a woman with a strange past (and stranger present), a writer caught in a devilish loop, kids in search of escape, and a team of unusual adventurers.”

  • Spirit of the Agreement, by Richard McGonegal
  • The Black Mirror, by Stephen Briody
  • As an Anvil from the Snow (poem), by Jeffrey Bullock
  • The Listener, by Rick Lawlor
  • A Little Dream of Winter, by Ken Wisman
  • Haggard (poem), by Dwight E. Humphries
  • Public Enemy, by Cliff Burns
  • The Internationally Known Madame Defarges (poem), by Sue Marra
  • If I Miss with This Nine-Pound Hammer, by Dan Crawford
  • Fragrances of the Flesh, by Lucy Taylor
  • Scent of Lilacs (poem), by Janet Reedman
  • The Sexton’s Daughter (poem), by Jeffrey Bullock
  • Two from the Dragon, by Jeannette M. Hopper
  • Animal, by Trevor Floyd
  • Status (poem), by Tom Rentz
  • Expectations, by Michael Hurley
  • A Taste of Venom (poem), by D. M. Vosk
  • The Sky Kids of Hell Bender, by Chris Harold Stevenson
  • Beetling Storm, by D. Singleton-Richard
  • Venture in Shennesport, by Colleen Drippé
  • Song for the End of the New World (poem), by Elizabeth Hillman
  • Artists: Ray Basham (cover), Jim Garrison, Marge Simon, Bruce Benson, D. Singleton-Richard, John Del Gaizo