#71 (2022)

Published July 2022

Theme: Nothingness

“Welcome to our nothingness issue. We have a small town wiped out in a flash and left as a rococo Pompeii, a portal to becoming nothing, feasts and fire and oceans drained, days of red-letter deaths. And family: a dead father calling in the night, a smile as sadness, and a fate passed on father-to-daughter.”


  • Rococo Pompeii, by Eric Horwitz
  • Tuesday Afternoon (poem), by Peter Gutiérrez
  • Except This Smile (poem), by Emmie Christie
  • Of Feasts and Fire and Oceans Drained, by Alexandra Seidel
  • Water Drawn From a Stone (poem), by Holly Lyn Walrath
  • Hear Me in Back (poem), by Frederick Pollack
  • Growing Into Nothing, by Paul Michael Anderson
  • A Correct Interpretation (poem), by Sonya Taaffe
  • Art: John Stanton (cover); Flo and John Stanton